SMB Accounting

Running a business isn't easy, even harder is starting up and establishing a new business. That's why Chris, our resident CPA will work with you to set up your business right. In addition to helping file all the necessary legal paper work like Australian Company Number (ACN) application, business name registration, Australian Business Number (ABN) application, registration for GST etc... CB Accountants will help you understanding the basics of business accounting.

This essentially focuses on setting up your cash flow statements, balance sheets and profit and loss statement. Understanding these three essential accounting documents will give you a much greater understanding of your businesses performance. It's often to easy in the excitement of starting a new business to solely focus on chasing customers. I've heard a hundred times from business clients years in back log that they wish they'd got it right from the start. Furthermore, understanding how these three documents work and interact will help you in prepare for your quarterly business activity statement (BAS) submission.

If you've just started or are about to start a new business give us a call today. And we'll make your accounting crystal clear and easy.

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